Humanitarian Relief and Legal Aid Organizations - Ukraine date: 2022-02-02

Humanitarian Relief Organizations


International Rescue Committee: Providing support to displaced Ukrainian families in Poland

CARE: Providing food, water, and other necessities to Ukrainians fleeing violence

Red Cross: Providing urgent humanitarian needs in Ukraine

Doctors Without Borders: Providing urgent medical and humanitarian needs in Ukraine

World Central Kitchen: Feeding displaced Ukrainian families at the Polish border!/donation/che...

Voices of Children: Aiding children and families in Ukraine, including providing assistance with evacuations


Legal Aid Organizations


The following links include lists of organizations that provide legal aid to refugees in the bordering countries of Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary. You may visit websites from within each country list to donate.






This is just a sample of the many organizations involved in the response. Another fairly extensive list can be found here:


Last but not least, Kosciuszko Foundation is also fundraising and working on the ground in Poland to help Ukrainian people:




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