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The Jagiellonian Law Society (JLS) is a voluntary legal association comprised of a diverse group of professionals (lawyers, judges, law faculty, and law students) who are interested in, or have roots in Polish and Central/Eastern European (CEE) cultures. Membership in the JLS is open to any legal professional who shares our interests and goals.

Our members are committed to fostering understanding and respect between different countries, cultures, institutions, and legal systems, to eliminating bias and enhancing tolerance in the United States, Poland, CEE, Europe and around the world. We would like to deepen the understanding of Polish and CEE cultures and history in the United States. JLS also aims to strengthen the ties between legal professionals and legal organizations in the US, Poland and CEE. 

We are nonsectarian and nonpartisan.

As an organization with many multi-cultural, bicultural and bilingual members, JLS strives to advance the rule of law and to protect human rights for all people. We affirm the dignity of every individual and stand against prejudice and stereotyping of any group through promoting the rule of law, open access to courts, international co-operation, and fair, independent and equitable legal institutions.

We aim to become a go-to forum for issues of legal importance for the American, Polish, Polish-American, and other CEE legal communities in the United States and Poland.

Through pro bono work, educational programs, scholarships, and various social activities, we engage our members from throughout the entire legal community in the US, Poland and in CEE. 

We cooperate with various legal and professional and academic organizations to further our goals.

We sponsor CLE events, lectures, fundraisers and social gatherings and we offer scholarships and merit-based grants. 

We celebrate the depth and richness of the Polish culture as well as that of other CEE countries and we support various cultural and artistic events.  

We provide referral services to our members and to a larger community.


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