Lynne Olson at the Museum of American Revolutiondate: 2018-09-29

Lynne Olson, a prominent author and historian, delivered a fascinating lecture organized by the Philadelphia Chapter of the Kosciuszko Foundation and supported by JLS. The lecture dealt with the lesser known and mostly forgotten allied countries and their enormous contribution to the success of WWII.  Olson discussed contribution of numerous allied counties such as Norway, Holland, Czechia, and so forth, but concluded that Poles made the most significant contributions to the joined WWII afford, not only via underground resistance, Warsaw and Ghetto uprisings, extensive underground spy network, active participation in various allied armed forces, enormous contribution to several key battles ranging from Monte Casino to the Battle of England, not to mention original breaking of the Enigma Code and provding these results and a detailed road map how to decipher encrypted German communications both to the British and the French allies. The lecture was followed by a dinner reception and a book signing.

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