Lemkos and Ukrainians in Polish Historydate: 2022-02-24

The fourth webinar in the series Ethnic Minorities in Polish Lands organized by the Jagiellonian Law Society and presented in cooperation with the Kosciuszko Foundation took place on February 24, 2022.


Professor dr. hab. Jan Pisuliński from the Rzeszow University in Poland  spoke about Lemkos and Ukrainians and their history.


Professor dr. hab. Jan Pisuliński is a Polish historian and currently an assistant professor in University of Rzeszow.

He is the chief of the Unit of the Recent History in the Institute of History at Rzeszow University.

His main area of research is Polish-Ukrainian relations in the XX century. 


He is an author of over 60 scientific publications including:


  • Not only Petljura: The Ukrainian Question in Polish Foreign Policy, 1918-1923, Wroclaw 2004
  • The Resettlement of the Ukrainian Population from Poland to Soviet Ukraine, 1944-1947, Rzeszow, 2009
  • Special Operation Vistula, Libra PL, Rzeszów, 2017 
  • Lemkos, Poles, and Operation Vistula: The Suffering of the Lemkos and its Reception Among the Poles, The Polish Review, Vol. 64, No. 2, 2019


Below is the link to the lecture:



The slides of Professor Pisuliński can be accessed via:



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