Lemkin, Genocide & the Modern Worlddate: 2023-03-14

Part 2 webinar on Lemkin, Genocide, and the Modern World, keynoted by Ambassador Stephen J. Rapp and featuring distinguished international faculty took place on March 14th.

Raphael Lemkin was a Polish Jewish lawyer best known for coining the term “genocide” and a key person behind the UN Genocide Convention. For that work, he was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. On the 50th anniversary of the Convention entering into force, Lemkin was honored by the UN Secretary-General as an inspiring example of moral engagement.

 The upcoming seminar is the second part of the webinar series discussing the crime of genocide and its applicability to the current events in Ukraine and beyond. We will discuss whether Lemkin’s ideas are helpful in the prosecution of mass murders and other crimes aimed at eliminating or erasing entire groups of people. We will also address the likelihood of a successful prosecution of atrocities committed in Ukraine, be it as “war crimes,” “crimes against humanity,” or a “crime of aggression,” via either international or national courts or via special tribunals.

We are honored and proud to announce that Ambassador Stephen J. Rapp, the former United States Ambassador-at-Large for Global Criminal Justice, will be our keynote speaker, and we are honored and delighted to present to you our most distinguished international Faculty:


Professor Agnieszka BieŇĄczyk-Missala, Professor of Political Sciences at the University of Warsaw

 Prosecutor Thomas Hannis, Esq, former lead prosecutor, UN International Criminal Tribunal Yugoslavia

 Professor A. Dirk Moses, Anne and Bernard Spitzer Professor of Political Science at the City College of New York, CUNY

 Professor Ana Filipa Vrdoljak, The UNESCO Chair in International Law and Cultural Heritage, Technical University, Sydney, Australia

 Mykola Yurlov, Esq, International Humanitarian Law and Policy Advisor, member of the Council of the Ukrainian Bar Association in Kyiv

 Moderator: Dr. Elizabeth M. Zechenter, Visiting Scholar, Emory University


 The link to the webinar recording: 



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