Joint Declaration against racism and other forms of discrimination date: 2020-08-20

The Jagiellonian Law Society joined our fellow Affinity Bar Associations and signed a Joint Declaration against racism and other forms of discrimination addressed to the Philadelphia Bar Association. Philadelphia Bar responded and praised that Joint Declaration while affirming the principles of the Joint Declaration.


Joint Statement from the Affinity Bar Associations of Auguts 2020 to the Philadelphia Bar Association

We, the undersigned representatives of the affinity bar associations in the Philadelphia region hereby make a strong, unequivocal denunciation of anti-Semitism, racism, and all forms of ethnic and religious discrimination, regardless of where and from whom they arise.  Hatred, stereotyping, and discrimination against individuals based on their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnic heritage, ancestry, etc. are unacceptable and should be rejected by the legal profession.  We urge the Philadelphia Bar Association Board of Governors to adopt a resolution stating the same.


Signed by:


Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Pennsylvania

Brandeis Law Society

Brehon Law Society – Philadelphia

Hispanic Bar Association of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association

Philadelphia LGBTQ Bar Association

South Asian Bar Association of Philadelphia

The Barristers Association of Philadelphia, Inc.

The Jagiellonian Law Society

The Justinian Law Society of Philadelphia


Philadelphia Bar Association Statement in Praise of Affinity Bar Associations Collective Statement Condemning Racism

Chancellor Snyder of PBA released the following statement today praising a Joint Statement that was recently issued by the various Affinity Bars condemning racism:

The Philadelphia Bar Association has had a long history of being very clear in our denunciation of racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism, and other forms of hate activity. We have actively advocated against each of these forms of reprehensible conduct and behavior. Our Resolutions on these matters have been clear and consistent.

We are, therefore, pleased to see a joint statement that was recently issued by the various affinity bars condemning this same type of conduct. We are pleased that these individual organizations have come together to cooperate in issuing the same definitive statement that we have made on numerous occasions, including many this year, that hatred, bigotry, racism, antisemitisim, and other forms of intolerance are poisons to a civilized society.

We call upon each of our brother and sister organizations to continue their condemnation of these forms of conduct and behavior, just as we have, and just as we always will.




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