Honoring Witold Pilecki and the Polish Undergrounddate: 2019-10-20

Meeting with Jack Fairweather - author of  The Volunteer,  an English language book dedicated to Witold Pilecki, the Polish Underground officer who allowed himself to be captured by the Germans and sent to Auschwitz, in order to report to the Allies on the German atrocities committed in the concentration camps. and get their help to liberate them.

Completely erased from the historical record by the Polish post-war Communist government, mission by Pilecki and the Polish Underground remains almost unknown to the world. Now, with exclusive access to previously hidden diaries, family and camp survivors accounts, and recently declassified files, The Volunteer offers a portrayal of survival, revenge, and betrayal in darkest hour. In uncovering the tragic outcome of the mission, Fairweather reveals that the ultimate defeat of the mission originated not in Auschwitz or Berlin, but in London and Washington.

 If you are interested in a related story how Witold Pilecki survived and how he was hidden after his escape from Auschwitz by the family of  a JLS member, take a look at that story at: 



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