Christmas Party 2011 - Report
Thursday, December 15

The Jagiellonian Christmas/Holiday party was a success. Two new party traditions were begun. The first is not a new tradition to Christian Poles but it was the first event where good wishes were spoken to each and every participant by each and every participant. The room became a buzz with smiles and laughter while each person mingled while breaking and passing a piece of oplatek with every other person. The second tradition first started at the party on 12/15/2011 was to choose a word that best expressed the upcoming year for the society. Every person offered a word and the word with the most votes won. The prize was $50 and it was won buy attorney Dominik Rostocki for the word---- COMMUNITY in Polish SPOLECZNOSC.

Original posting - Our Christmas party will be on December 15, 2011, from 6 to 10 PM, at Positano Coast. For more information, call George Szymanski at 856-232-9828.


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