Jagiellonians at the Wilma Theater
February 11, 2007

Please SAVE THE DATE of Sunday, February 11, 2007 and join the Jagiellonians for a marvelous play "Enemies, A Love Story" at The Wilma Theater. Call Emilia Golanska at 267-240-8002 for more information and reservations.

Enemies, A Love Story
from the novel by
Isaac Bashevis Singer

Set in 1949 New York, a Holocaust survivor finds himself suddenly involved with 3 women - his current wife, a married woman with whom he is having a passionate affair, and his long-vanished wife whom he thought was killed during the war and suddenly reappears. Adapted from the novel by Isaac Bashevis Singer, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Enemies, A Love Story is a bittersweet, realistic and poignant tale of loss, love and redemption. Don't miss the World Premiere stage version of what The New York Times praised as "rich and is forever suspended between laughter and tears.

The Wilma Theater:


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